ere you will find information about our members, their stories and their activities in our group.

Head members of the group

Juan de Toledo
Grand Master of the Order
Born in the city of Toledo, he is the Duke of Toledo, and son of a Moorish Princess and Duke of Castile. He is a master swordsman and jouster. The Grand Master has served in, numerous, campaigns to secure Spanish lands from invaders and occupiers. He has made a pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem, as well as, to Santiago de Compostela. At times, he has served as a mercenary in Germania and Polonia
Albert, Baron of Brandenburg
Grand Commander of the Order
His home being in Brandenburg, he has followed many crusades to Jerusalem and against the Sarracens in Spain in the name of the order. Years of travelling and fighting have made him a tough and energic, yet wise person when we meet him here on the journey back home. As the Grand Commander of his order, he carries high responsability for the affairs of the group.

Members of the group

Isabella von Brandenburg

The lovely daughter of Albert and Guineviere who is always around in the camp of her father and his knights..
Friedrich von Falkenstein
Knight of the Teutons Order
A noble man of Falkenstein and Knight of the Teutons Order, he has met the Baron on one of the voyages and decided to join his troop on the way back home.
Sahira de Tarifa
Noble lady of Hispania
She is a noble lady of Hispania who serves the knights as treasurer. However, she finds even greater pleasure in andalusian horses and fine arts.
She is the acknowledged shield painter of the Brandenburg family and as an
enthusiastic traveler, she met the Royal Knights on one of her trips to the
beautiful city of Regensburg.

Joanna von Forchheim
Baronesse from Forchheim. After her husband's death in the Holy Land she follows the Baron of Brandenburg and lives at his court.
Ayla, the Healer

She follows the crusaders on the battlefield and takes care of the wounded with her healing power.

Connor McWallace

Like many warriors from foreign countries, the Scottish fighter Connor McWallace has joined the crusades as a mercenary where he is now part of the Baron's troup.

Freya von Rosenfels

She is a noble lady of good education who has been engaged by the Baron to be the personal teacher of his daughter. She also serves him as a scribe.

Luitgard von Leuchtenberg

Like her famous ancestors, the knights of Leuchtenberg, she supports fully the crusaders, especially the Royal Knights of Santiago

Magdalena von Mayenglock

To get introduced into court life, this young and beautiful lady from a noble family was sent by her parents to the Baron's court.

Mariella von Hanau

Uncommon for an innocent-looking noble lady of her epoch, she has gained knowledge about alchemy and poisonous mixtures...

Honour members

Thomas von Bärnau

Thomas is a philanthropist and owner of a great inn within the territories of Barnau. He provides logistics and housing for weary knights travelling through his city.

Anna von Ratisbona
Honour member
She is the group's tailor.